A Practical Course In Turkish
Yabancılara Pratik Türkçe Dersleri

A Practical Course In Turkish
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Eser Sahibi : 
Yayıncı : Doruk Yayıncılık 
Liste Fiyatı : £32.50
Açıklama : Assist. Assoc. Prof. Müfit Yıldırımalp received his Masters Degree on World Languages and Methodology from Georgetown University in the USA and completed his doctorate (ph.D) at the Faculty of Political Science of İstanbul University. Furthermore, Oxford University has granted Assist. Assoc. Prof. Yıldırımalp an Honorary Doctorate Degree for his contributions in the field of teaching foreign languages. During the course of his studies in the USA, he started teaching Turkish at the Defence Language Institute. Also, at this time he started writing A PRACTICAL COURSE IN TURKISH, which he completed on his return to Turkey ten years later. This book which was published by Sander Publishing Company was an immediate best seller. The revised edition is now published by Doruk Publishing Company. Assist. Assoc. Prof. Müfit Yıldırımalp worked on A PRACTICAL COURSE IN TURKISH for several years and finally appeared in book form. Its fundamental aim is to teach daily spoken Turkish to foreigners in a communicative pratical and casual manner with an emphasis on pronunciation and fluency.
Barkod : 9789756557860
Boyut : 165-235
Sayfa Sayısı : 496
Basım Yeri : İstanbul
Kapak Türü : Karton
Kağıt Türü : 2. Hamur
Dili : Türkçe
Müfit Yıldırımalp   

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